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    The School of Translation Studies of Jinan University, located in Zhuhai (on the southern coast of Guangdong province), neighboring Hong Kong to the east and borders Macao to the south, offers undergraduate and postgraduate (MTI) translation education for translation major students. Our programme has four major aims: 1) to adhere to the university’s educational guiding principle of “Facing overseas and Facing Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Regions”; 2) to offer students professional training in translating and interpreting so as to develop their abilities to meet the challenges of cross-cultural communication and intercultural studies; 3) to develop students’ oral and written skills to a stage where they will be able to serve as effective and responsible intermediaries between texts and speakers in English and Chinese; 4) to develop a better understanding of their place in the multilingual globalized communities of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions and of the roles they might play in serving those communities.
  Currently, the School of Translation Studies aims to establish joint PhD programs (English & American Literature, Linguistics and Translation) with the College of Foreign Studies. As a relatively new major, the School of Translation Studies has a good concentration of translation and interpreting studies specialists in the South China and among the top nationwide. Besides full-time researchers and teaching staffs, the school also invites specialists including well-established scholars and professors, and visiting academics worldwide. The school also holds a variety of academic and teaching seminars, and participants including teaching & research staffs from different departments (Basic and Professional Majors, College English), Centres (FLPC Foreign Language Practice Centre, Centre for translation), Translation Research Institutes, etc, have been invited to join public lectures and to share their views on research findings.    

  Professionality: to build a strong teaching & management team, to have a well-designed training programme, and to foster professional translation talents.
  Specialization: to specialize systematically in 2-3 areas of translation practice and research, focusing more on the trainings of translation theory and practical skills (oral and speaking).
  Internationalization: to build an international brand for cooperative education. Jinan University and nearly 30 universities ranging from the United States, Japan, Denmark, France, Russia, South Korea to other countries have signed a student exchange agreement, including mutual exemption of tuition fees. Every year, students as exchange students are sent abroad to study for six months, a year or two. In addition to the publicly funded exchange programs shared among the university’s schools and colleges, the School of Translation provides students with a platform of international development in terms of launching cooperative education programs with universities located in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as teacher-student exchange programs and academic visiting projects with universities of Wisconsin, Duke University, and other internationally renowned universities. (Students studying aboard, Participating Activities, Photo with foreign students)
  The School of Translation Studies aims to cultivate versatile-talented and global-visioned translation professionals. Graduates should be capable bilinguals and familiar with both English and Chinese. Besides, they should foster strong logical thinking abilities, a broad range of knowledge, cross-cultural communication qualities and a good working ethic; they should have cross-sociocultural awareness, be familiar with the basic theories of translation and master basic professional translation and interpreting skills; they should be proficient in use of translation tools, have a strong ability to think independently and be efficient in their communication skills. Graduates should be capable of distinguishing different genres of literary texts, translational texts, interpretation tasks or other relevant cross-cultural works.
  Students should participate in TEM-4 and TEM-8 examinations, as well as the CATTI (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters; held by the Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China) level-3. Requirements for Translation major students’, include language skills, translation skills, knowledge, and humanities are as follows:
  Well-trained in (English and Chinese) bilingual linguistic knowledge and linguistic transferring abilities;
  Equipped with basic skills of translation and interpreting techniques and basic knowledge of translation theory;
  Have a global vision and get familiar with Chinese and foreign cultures; be aware of issues concerning professional translation industry.
  Have a good political and ideological quality; a strong innovative and creative thinking ability; a good team player.
  Teaching Principles: Good Ethics and Professional Competence; Conscientious Mind and Total Devotion
  Studying Principles: Diligence, Thoughtful, Creative, Active
  Activities: International Exchange; Four Joint Universities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Regions (Jinan University, Macao University, Hong Kong Baptist University and Sun Yat-San University) Translation Debate Competition; Translation (Interpreting and Written Translation) Competition; English Speech Performance Contests; Special Month for Translation Studies Seminars.
Employments Status
  Government Bodies & Organization, Foreign and Domestic Education Institutions, Chinese Representative Office, Publication House for Foreign Affairs, Mass Media Companies, Foreign-related Enterprise, Multinational Companies, Foreign Organizations in China, Banks, Translation Companies, etc.

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