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English Bar notice(2014.11.3)
2014-11-03 23:39:47




Weekly Arrangement:

My dear friends, English Bar will be opened at half past seven to half past nine on Tuesday and Friday, building B105. Our foreign teachers Dougie will come here on Tuesday. On Friday night, many interesting games will wait for you guys! In addition, there will be a Theme Night Activity on Saturday night this week. So why still hesitate, just join us, make friends and share your happiness with us!( Only apply for the activity and get the ticket can you take part in the Theme Night Activity. You can consult and apply for it in Little Rome on November 3&4 or search our wechat number: jnuflpc)



*常规开吧时间:周二、五、六晚7:30~9:30                                                                                                                 2014113

*英语吧地址:实验楼B105                                                                                                                         暨南大学珠海校区外语实践中心



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